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  • Name: Jane Wilson
  • Age: 28
  • City: New York!

  • Where do I begin??? Well I am a native New Yorker, What a nice place to live!!! I am a property manager and enjoy my work. I am cute, funny (in a sarcastic sense), down to earth and pretty ready to try almost anything. I like to travel and I LOVE TO CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY!!! I like to go out for a couple of drinks (happy hour mostly because at least most guys that go there have a job! ;)) but I am just as content to stay home and watch a movie or something. My family is very important to me. I do not have many friends as I am very selective and those that I can honestly consider my friends are few and far between. I have tons of acquaintances as I tend to be the life of the party. I am also very much into spirituality not religion. You can contact me here (look for JWilson28). Come join me!

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